Robohead x digi flat F20x20.jpg

This is a preview of my new art print.

The image was created using acrylic paints, airbrush, pencils, and, once it was scanned, some detailing and texturing using Photoshop brushes.

The artwork has just been sent off to print and will be on sale in a little over a weeks’ time.

The first run of 50 prints will be signed, numbered, and will feature a ‘Run.01’ insignia, AND will come with a free sticker! I’m going to make the first run of prints available to my newsletter subscribers three days ahead of the official release, so if you want to make sure you can grab one of these large A2 prints before they sell out, plus get some free cyberpunk and horror wallpapers and cover images, join my newsletter here:



paints and brushes .jpg

I stocked up on paints and brushes for some new stuff I’m working on. After many years of making art on a screen, I’m dipping back into traditional media with a few pencil/pen/real paint/digital brush hybrids. A big art print of this kind is currently on the table— the physical, actual table. And I’ve already spilled actual paint on my actual jeans. I’ve missed this..?