Phil McDermott / Buried Antenna

I'm an artist and writer from Liverpool, England. Buried Antenna is the name of my website, and the banner under which I produce my various creative projects. I write novels and create artwork, generally in the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres, in both digital and traditional mediums. Some of my projects are contained to one discipline, but I often like to interpret ideas across several.  I'm interested in storytelling, both through my books as well as my artwork. I aim for all of my work to have a distinctive continuity of style and theme. I'm also interested in creating work that goes beyond the immediate portrayal and surface aesthetic, and creates an atmosphere, prompts an emotional reaction, draws you in and makes you feel a certain way, or invites you to build your own narrative. 

Here at my website you can order my art prints and novels, keep up with my blog, and clients and companies wishing to hire me for commission work can view my portfolio. You can also follow the creation of my work by linking up with me on any of the social network links you'll find at the bottom of the page.  

I have no unrelated 'random' facts about myself to share, and I don't write about myself in the third person.